About Author

My name is Dr. Lilian Lopez, and I am the Home Manager at HomeDIY USA LLC. I started this website in other to share my extensive knowledge on Home management, home maintenance, and pest control especially for those without the huge financial budget of calling a professonal pest exterminator.

My Education:

BS Architecture, Master of Public Health, Ph.D. Phychology, Ph.D. Biology, Ph.D. Naturopathic Medicine, Ph.D. Complementary & Alternative Health Care, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a Doctor of Veterinary medicine.

My Experience

With FourtyTwo Years (42) in the real estate industry, Thirty Two (32) Years serving the pest management and Also serving the Public Health industries since 1982.

I am also a technical specialist, a technical director, a home manager, a real estate consultant, an author, a lecturer, a speaker, interim technical director for DFGA, ESA-BDE Director (2005), psychologist, and veterinarian.

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