best central vacuum for carpet

Best Central Vacuum for Carpet

Looking for the best central vacuum for carpet in your home? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can keep your carpet clean by simply sweeping and mopping.

However, beyond just sweeping and mopping, you can go the extra length to make use of a vacuum cleaner. Pollution

It is one thing to decide to clean your house with a vacuum cleaner and another to get the right central vacuum for your floor.

Best Central Vacuum for Carpet

That said below are the best central vacuums for carpet.

1. BISSEL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bissel cleanview swivel pet vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that does more than just keep your carpet clean.

It goes a long way in saving pets.

It is able to achieve this because each time you buy the Bissel cleanview swivel pet upright bagless vacuum cleaner, 10 dollars is passed to the Bissell pet foundation.

This device has an efficient pet hair pickup.

Furthermore, it makes use of scatter free technology and triple action brush roll.

When making use of this vacuum cleaner, you do not need to worry about running into furniture and other obstacles in your carpet.

This is because it features a swivel steering which goes a long way in making it very easy to use.

That’s not all. It features clean edge to edge cleaning which means you will not have to deal with dirty edges around your carpet once you are done cleaning.

The Bissel cleanview swivel pet vacuum has specialized tools that can be used in removing pet hair from your carpet.

Additionally, it has an empty dirt bin that ensures you do not go through any struggle to empty the dirt bin.

Features of this Vacuum Cleaner

  • It features scatter free technology
  • It features edge to edge cleaning
  • It features triple action brush roll
  • It features a multi-cyclonic suction system


  • It can be maneuvered very easily
  • Its powered button can be differentiated from other buttons because of its bright red color
  • It comes with five attachments
  • It comes with a pre-motor filter
  • It can be assembled very easily


  • If you have to clear away hair, you must take out six screws and this can be time-consuming

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.


2. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

With a weight of just 9 pounds, you do not need to expend a lot of energy when using this vacuum cleaner.

From its name, you can tell that this vacuum is one that is designed for commercial purposes.

Therefore, it comes with the power to work for a long time and clean up a large area without you putting in so much effort.

With this device, you will not struggle to keep your work area clean.

Beyond its ability to cover a large space, the Oreck commercial upright vacuum can be brought very close to baseboards and cabinets.

Additionally, it can be used in cleaning under clothe racks, chairs, and tables.

Although an ideal device for cleaning your carpet, this central vacuum is not limited to just your carpet.

It can be used in cleaning floors made with other materials such as laminate and wood.

While the weight of this vacuum makes it easy to use, the 2 inches area it covers even makes it a lot easier to use.

Features of this Vacuum Cleaner

  • Low profile design
  • Very large vacuum bags
  • It features a 35 ft. cord.


  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Its vacuum bags are big
  • It is light
  • Its cord is long
  • It can be used easily


  • Its bags get torn easily

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.


3. TurboCat Air Driven performance Brush for all Central Vacuums

This device is one that you can rely on when looking to clean around and under your furniture.

It features a T-shape that makes it possible for you to clean very close to the legs of chairs and tables easily.

It comes with a soft wrap-around bumper, as well as an agitator.

These features help it perform well even when used on high pile carpets.

The Turbo Cat does not need extra electricity, batteries, or different power cords.

That’s not all. It comes with a special brush roller which helps it have improved dirt pickup and improved airflow.

Furthermore, it has a design that is chevron patterned.

Due to this design, its bristles are always in contact with the surface of your carpet.

Although very efficient, this device carries out its function very quietly.

It has bearing insulators that keep it in place.

This way vibrations are reduced.

In addition to these, it comes with easy glide wheels that make it responsive and maneuverable.

Features of this Vacuum

  • It comes with a warranty of two years
  • It does not need extra power.
  • It works well with central vacuum major brands. Some of these brands are Air-Vac, Cyclovac. Navac. MD, Vacuflo, Aggressor, etc.


  • It is durable
  • It can be used very easily
  • It offers value for money


  • Bad customer service.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.


Buyers Guide for Vacuum Cleaners

Here are things you should consider when looking out for the best vacuum cleaners fr carpets.

A. Buy From a Trusted Brand

If you want to buy a standard vacuum cleaner and end up buying one that is cheap and of low quality, you can be certain it will not last a long time.

However, this is not much of a problem as it can be easily repacked.

There are lots of models you can always select.

However, the same cannot be said about a central vacuum system.

Central vacuum systems can cause you a waste of funds if it gets faulty.

Going by this, you will need to buy from a reputable brand when shopping for one.

It is a lot better to spend a lot of money and get a quality product than spend very little money and get something that will not last a long time.

To get a product from a trusted manufacturer, you will need to spend time doing your research.

You will be better off if you work with a manufacturer that will help with the installation.

Nonetheless, the manufacturer might not be in charge of the installation.

B. Get a Spec that Matches Your Home

Getting a spec that suits your home can be quite complicated.

The reason for this is you might have to do this all by yourself.

To get the best from a central vacuum system, you have to get one that is suitable for your home.

There are lots of things you must know before buying a central vacuum that is suitable for your home.

One of the most vital is finding out if its square footage covers your home’s area.

Usually, manufactures of central vacuum systems mention the maximum square footage it was designed for.

Your home will definitely fall within one of these ranges.

This way, you can find out of it is suitable for your home.

As you get to find out your home’s measurement, ensure you get it doubled and carryout your purchase based on this.

When you do this, you can be sure that your system will be more than enough for your living area.

This will help you avoid the struggles of buying a system that is not large enough.

C. Electricity should be considered

Central vacuum systems are known to have a great deal of suction power.

This, however, is only possible because they consume a lot of electricity.

So, before going ahead to buy one, ensure you have the right budget.

D. Have a Budget

There are various central vacuums and these devices have different price tags.

So, to get the best for whatever amount you have, you should come up with a budget and begin searching for central vacuums that fit into the budget.

In the absence of a budget, you most likely will end up buying one that is affordable but does not come with a lot of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. How long is a Central Vacuum for Carpet Expected to Last?

All things being equal, central vacuums last as long as you want them to.

They also do not need any serious maintenance.

B. Are Central Vacuums Affordable?

If you have not made use of a central vacuum before, you might think they are not affordable.

However, the fact is you can get a central vacuum for your budget.

You do not have to spend a lot of money.

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