best central vacuum powerhead for pet hair

Top 4 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair – Tested and Trusted

If you are interested in vacuuming the right way, you should make it a point of duty to get the best central vacuum powerhead for pet hair.

This is because to a large extent, the quality of cleaning is dependent on the central vacuum powerhead you use.

If you purchase the best quality vacuum but do not use a central vacuum powerhead with a similar quality, you might be unable to get the cleaning result you require. 

However, you will not struggle to eliminate debris and dust from your home with the right central vacuum powerhead.

If you must get the right central powerhead for pet hair, you must know the best central vacuum powerhead for pet hair.

List of Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair

Below are some of the best central vacuum powerheads for pet hair.

1. Alder Comet Central Vacuum Powerhead

This device comes with a 35 feet long hose which helps you have an excellent cleaning range.  In addition to being long, this hose comes with a diameter that increases the airflow, improving cleaning. 

Also, it comes with an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip. Since the handle of this hose is soft, you will not feel any discomfort even if you hold it for a long time. While the length and softness of its hose is an excellent quality, there is more. 

The Alder comet central vacuum powerhead offers users a three-way switch alternative. Additionally, this device comes with an LED headlight that helps make cleaning easy even when you have to clean dark areas. 

When using this device, you do not need to worry about turning it on and off. 

It features an internal power switch alternative. This feature turns the vacuum on and off when the need arises.


  • It features a three-way switch
  • It comes with an integrated telescopic wand
  • It features an LED headlight that makes cleaning easy.


  • It comes with a brush roller
  • It comes with an integrated telescopic wand
  • Its hose is long


  • It does not feature an instruction manual
  • Its handle connector may look small for you.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this vacuum for pet hair is Amazon.- They’ve got this central vacuum powerhead at the best price ever!


2. Nadair Central Vacuum Accessory Kit

The is obviously one of the best central vacuum powerheads you’ll find around. The powerhead is able to pull the nap up on low pile wool rugs very well, then switches to hardwood floors well too.

I am very happy with the purchase of this central vacuum accessory kit.


  • 30 feet High-voltage hose
  • ON/OFF Dual voltage switch control at the handle
  • Crushproof
  • Pigtail- 12’’ power cord (super valve converter included )
  • Compatible with most flooring
  • Prevents kinking – Has swivel at the handle
  • Electrical powerhead – Has 5 Adjustable Heights with LED light and soft-clean technology that is able to prevent carpet hair from getting stuck or being ripped off
  • Comes with a 12’’ Swivel floor brush- ideal for tiles and wood floors
  • 2 adjustable wands with button lock
  • 1 electrical for a carpet beater
  • 1 low-voltage for floor brush


  • Amazing design
  • Its cord is long
  • Works well with most flooring


  • None at all.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this vacuum for pet hair is Amazon.- They’ve got this central vacuum powerhead at the best price ever!


3. Broan-NuTone CT700 Central Vacuum Powerhead

There are lots of amazing central vacuum powerheads one can get for one’s home. 

However, if you are looking to give your stairs a cleaner appearance, one central vacuum powerhead that can help you achieve this is the Brian-NuTone CT700 central vacuum powerhead. 

It was designed specially for cleaning stairs. This device measures 4.25 x 17.00 x 14.00 inches and weighs 0.5 kg. Furthermore, it comes with a deluxe power brush that helps you deal with debris, crumbs, and dust. 

That’s not all. You can use this vacuum powerhead on floors and carpets. This device comes with a motorized roller that ensures cleaning is easy. This is in addition to a four-position height adjustment alternative. This adjustment alternative makes it easy to reach parts of the house that are difficult to clean.

 Some of these places are under the couch and bed. Just like lots of high-end powerheads, this device comes with an in-built LED light that can help you clean dark corners properly.


  • It features a steering element
  • It comes with full-width LED light
  • It features rubberized coated wheels.


  • In-built led alternative
  • It comes with a stirring element
  • It makes room for height adjustments


  • You may experience some issues with brush replacement.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this vacuum for pet hair is Amazon.- They’ve got this central vacuum powerhead at the best price ever!


4. Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo Central Vacuum Powerhead

The Cen-Tec systems vacuflo central powerhead is an ideal central vacuum powerhead for anyone looking to enjoy the many pros of a good central vacuum powerhead but is unwilling to spend a lot of money. 

This device weighs 4.5 pounds and is very affordable. It also measures 15 x 3.4 x 13.25 inches and uses the TurboCat turbine to ensure high-grade airflow.

This device has a white hue and regular shape. When used in cleaning your floor regularly, your home will be free of dirt due to its shape. 

That’s not all. It can be used in cleaning around and under furniture very quickly because of a horizontal turbine’s presence. The T-shape of this device makes it easy to clean tough areas. 

Also, there will be no need to buy an extra battery or power card when using the Cen-Tec Powerhead with vacuums it is compatible with.


  • Its range of compatibility is vast
  • It has features that ensure it contacts the floor surface constantly.
  • It comes with a TurboCat turbine which helps with airflow.


  • It is affordable
  • It can be manoeuvred easily
  • It does not need extra batteries
  • It picks up dirt very easily


  • None

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this vacuum for pet hair is Amazon.- They’ve got this central vacuum powerhead at the best price ever!


Buyers Guide for Central Vacuum Powerhead

Have you gone through the list of the best central vacuum powerhead for pets but are still unsure how to make the right choice? You are not alone. 

We have gone further to put down tips that you can rely on when buying a central vacuum powerhead. Read on to find out what these tips are.

1. Consider Compatibility

Are you interested in buying a central vacuum powerhead? Compatibility is a factor you must consider. It is more important than many people know that not all powerheads can work with every vacuum.

Before going ahead to pay for a powerhead, you must confirm it works well with the vacuum you plan to use it with. If the powerhead and the vacuum can work together, feel free to buy them. However, if they do not work well together, there will be no need to buy them.

While it is essential to buy a powerhead with a broad range of compatibility, you must note that you will spend more on a powerhead with a broad range of compatibility.

2. Consider the Type of Floor you want to clean.

There are different powerheads on different floors. You, therefore, have to be certain of the type of floor you want to clean.

Do you want to clean a floor made from hardwood? Then, it would be best if you got a powerhead that was designed to clean hardwood floors.

While there are certain powerheads for specific floors, some powerheads will work well for all floor types. 

These powerheads, however, are generally more expensive. If you have to use a powerhead on carpets and floors for any reason, you should buy one that can be used on multiple surfaces.

3. Height Adjustment Alternative

The height adjustment feature is not one that can be gotten on just any powerhead. It is, however, common on premium powerheads. With this feature, you will not struggle to use the powerhead on surfaces with different thickness types.

Beyond just going for a powerhead because of its height adjustment alternative, you can also go for a floating powerhead. This type of powerhead can be used easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I use a Central Vacuum Powerhead?

The more frequently you use a central vacuum powerhead, the less likely it will last long. But if you do not always use it, it will last a long time.

2. Can a Central Vacuum Powerhead be used on all Floors?

No.  You can’t use a central vacuum powerhead on different. There are different central vacuum powerheads on different floors.




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