best insulation for tiny home

Best Insulation for Tiny Home

Want to know the best insulation for tiny home? If yes then this article covers all you need.

Insulation is a piece of material that is placed between voids like roof/ceiling and walls. 

These materials play a role in moderating the temperature of a tiny home.

Properly insulating a tiny house does not add any value to its aesthetics.

Nonetheless, it makes a living in the house very comfortable regardless of what the weather is like. 

In winter, it stops warm air from leaving the house. 

Also, in summer, it prevents warm air from entering your house. 

So, you do not have to deal with feeling hot.

Contained in this article are various types of insulation that can be used in a tiny home.

Best Insulation for Tiny Home

So long the insulation of a tiny home is concerned, there are quite a few alternatives. 

A couple of them can be easily gotten as they are popular. 

Others, however, are not as popular either because they are not very effective or because they are expensive and can only be used by a few that are willing to pay.

Let’s walk through the various insulation alternatives open to people that live in tiny homes.

Denim Insulation

Also known as cotton insulation, this tiny insulating home is ideal for people who love approaches that are friendly with the environment. 

You can insulate your home properly and stay fair to the ground using recycled cotton gotten from denim. 

Also, its insulating ability is generally considered better than what fibreglass has to offer. 

Denim insulations are known to be dense. 

So, they are not as light as some people might want them to be. 

Also, cotton can be gotten from the byproducts of farming and other high-chemical areas.

Suppose you are trying to get the insulation done on a budget but want to get a result that you can trust; you might want to take advantage of denim insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation

This is a very common alternative. 

But beyond just being common, it is the most widely used insulation for tiny homes. 

It involves using rolls of fluffy/soft insulation between the ceiling, wall, and floors. 

When done, it fills up space. 

It also increases the available insulation of the home. 

This material is made from a mix of glass and sand. 

Also, they are put together through heat, just the same way cotton candy is made.

There is a lot to gain from the use of fibreglass insulation in tiny homes.

However, one key benefit of this insulation type is it can be bought and installed very easily. 

It is lightweight and affordable. 

Although it comes with many benefits, its insulation features are not some of the best. 

If it does not get tacked into position, it could end up being compressed down. That’s not all. 

Its installation process can be bad for the lungs and skin. 

This means you must cover up properly and also put on a face mask during its installation process.

Foam Insulation Board – Polyisocyanurate

This type of insulation is also called ‘ISO’ or ‘PIR’ insulation. 

If you are looking to benefit from top-level insulation, this is perhaps one type of insulation you should take seriously. 

With this insulation type, you will not have to deal with air ingress or moisture. 

This is because this insulation type is fill faced. 

Although PUR boards and polyesters are eco-friendly, they are not as eco-friendly as PIR boards. 

While PIR boards are very eco-friendly, you might need to pay a premium price for them as they are not very affordable.

Foam Insulation Board – Polystyrene

Also known as rigid board insulation, foam insulation board provides insulation with the use of plastic-based materials.

There are different types of foam insulation board. 

Also, the result got from insulation is dependent on the type of plastic that is used. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the kind of plastic you use, the R rating will trump fibre insulation. 

However, the overall cost is more. 

There are times foam insulation is two times the price of other types of insulation.

Concrete Block Insulation

Concrete blocks are great for erecting large walls. 

When used, you can be certain of a good degree of sturdiness. 

Although they are known to be entirely sturdy, some blocks are hollow.

These hollow blocks coms with gaps at their centre. 

Due to the gaps they come with, they are not exactly as expensive as many people expect them to be. 

In addition to being affordable, they are quite light and can be handled very easily.

When insulating with hollow blocks, you will get a better insulation level compared to the use of a solid cinder block.

When erecting a THOW, you might not get the best from concrete blocks in carrying out insulation. 

Nonetheless, when erecting fixed buildings, they are great. 

When you use concrete blocks for insulation, your walls end up being thicker than regular tiny house walls.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

This provides a great degree of insulation. 

With closed-cell spray foam, you can enjoy a 6/inch R rating. 

The reason for this is every pocket of air involved is compacted and disconnected. 

This implies the movement of air within insulation is greatly reduced. 

Also, the level of heat that gets through becomes diminished.

Closed-cell spray foam features a great deal of denseness and keeps pests out. 

Also, it lowers the leakage of air. 

This insulation is very effective. 

Nonetheless, it is not exactly easy to install rightly. 

While you might be able to do it by yourself, if you want to get the best from this insulation alternative, you will need to get a professional involved in the installation process.

Open Cell Spray Foam

You perhaps have never seen a program focused on home renovation.

However, if you have seen one, then there is a huge likelihood that you have seen a professional in white-suit, a mask, and goggles, spraying into ceiling and wall cavities. 

If you have seen one, then you can be this is the process of spray foam insulation.

This alternative is expensive as it is classified as a specialist alternative.

Beyond just being expensive, it can provide an excellent level of insulation. 

So, if for any reason you decide to make use of this insulation alternative, you can be certain you will get good value for your money.

With the open-cell spray foam, you can insulate areas that are not easy to access. 

You can also successfully insulate areas that are not so leveled. 

This method of insulation makes use of toxic chemicals. 

Therefore, you need a lot of care when making use of this alternative.

Structural Insulated Panels

structural insulated panels, also known as SIPshave, not been around for a very long time. 

Nonetheless, they are rapidly becoming popular. 

This method of insulation involves the use of timber bards that have already been fabricated. 

They have rigid board insulation fixed in-between timber like a sandwich.

This insulation alternative is effective. 

Nonetheless, it is pricey. 

So, if it is something you are interested in using, you must have the right budget.

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