best tankless water heater for tiny home

Best Tankless Water Heater for Tiny Homes

Looking for the best tankless water heater for tiny home? If yes, then this article is all you need.

Tankless water heaters are rapidly gaining acceptance all over the world.

They come with lots of benefits that traditional water heaters lack.

Beyond the many benefits they come with, they are not free from drawbacks.

If you must get the right tankless water heater, you will need to understand the limitations of tankless water heaters and how they function. 

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of accurately sizing the unit based on their homes. 

This might seem great. Nonetheless, it is the wrong approach.

To find out all you need to know before buying a tankless water heater, go on with the article.

Best Tankless Water Heater for Tiny Homes

Below is a list of the best water heater for tiny homes. – They have all been tested and trusted

1. Bosch Thermotechnology 7736505867, 3.6KW

If you live in a tiny home and require an upgrade on your tankless water heater, you might consider getting the Bosch Thermo technology 7736505867, 3.6KW. 

This tankless water heater has a design that you can trust to provide your sinks with hot water whenever you need one. 

It is an electric water heater, and you can install it in a 360-degree orientation. 

This means it can be easily placed in small counter spaces and ensures great flexibility when being setup.

This water heater is lightweight, compact and has a thermal efficiency of 98%. 

This way, you can be certain stand-by loss is significantly reduced. 

That’s not all. 

It does not need a pressure or temperature relief valve. 

It has a round ago Bosch DNA design that gives it a modern appearance.

With this look, it blends with your home’s décor very effortlessly, even when it is placed in a spot that is very easy to locate. 

That’s not all. It was constructed with durable plastic housing. 

This way, you can be certain you will use it for a long time.

Although ideal for tiny homes, this tankless water heater can do more. 

It can also be used for minimal commercial venues such as airports, offices, stadiums, and shopping malls.

Features of this heater

  • It measures 6.6 x12.8 x2.9
  • It features a low activation rate.
  • It features a flexible installation.
  • It has an efficiency of 98%
  • It features a two-year guarantee.

What I Love about this Heater

  • It is durable
  • It can be installed easily
  • It is lightweight
  • It is compact

Possible downsides

It is pricey but worth it

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.


2. FOGATTI Propane Tankless Water Heater Indoor for Home Gas 24L

With this tankless water heater installed in your tiny home, you can enjoy an instantaneous warm shower after a long day. 

You do not have to spend your valuable time and energy getting your bathing water arm before a shower.

The tankless water heater is powered by propane gas and can be trusted to meet your hot water needs at any time of the day. 

Therefore, you will not have to choose between laundry, dishwashing and a hot shower. 

You can be certain that this tankless water heater will always provide you with hot water regardless of your demands.

This device was designed to be installed very easily. 

You, therefore, will not have to spend so much getting a professional to come to carry out installations. 

That’s not all. It functions when the water pressure is low. 

This makes it ideal for tiny homes and other locations such as cabins, apartments, high buildings, etc.

The Fogatti propane tankless water heater is CSA certified. 

Additionally, its burner is produced by the firm responsible for creating burners for some of the most trusted brands all over the world.

This device functions by making use of the most recent European technology, energy-saving, and high efficiency. 

Its heat exchanger is durable, efficient, and made from oxygen-free copper.

This item’s compact design can be installed easily in the most difficult of spaces.

Features of this Heater

  • It comes with space-saving features
  • It gives safety a lot of considerations
  • It features CSA certification
  • Temperature regulation
  • Smart control

What I Love about this Heater

  • It is durable
  • It can be installed very easily
  • It is compact
  • It has safety features

Possible downsides

It may not be very affordable, but it’s worth every dime.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.


3. Camplux Electric Tankless Water Heater 18K Household Instant Water Heater

This tankless water heater comes with a digital display, a smart remote controller, and a touch control. 

That’s not all. It also has lots of protections, provides lead-free water, and is NFS approved. 

Additionally, it is ETL safety certified and comes with overheat and protection features that can be trusted to keep you and your family safe.

It is efficient and very durable as some of its components are made from stainless steel.

With the Camplux electric tankless water heater 18K household instant water heater, you can enjoy an endless and instant water heater. 

It has a rating of about 61,500 BTU. 

Additionally, it makes it easy for you to enjoy water between 86degreeFahrenheit and 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

To get activated, all this tankless water heater needs is 0.85 GPM water flow. 

So you do not have to spend time waiting and having water preheated. Your water will get ready for whatever you need it for in a matter of seconds.

This device is compact and can be mounted at various angles. To save energy with this item, you should install it near an outlet. 

It is great for hair salons, hospitals, schools, and kitchens.

Features of this heater

  • It measures 18.15 by 10.23 by 3.66 inches.
  • It features a remote controller.
  • It features an LED display.
  • It features smart touch control.
  • Flexible installation

What I love about this Heater

  • It is realizable
  • It is easy to install
  • It is compact
  • It is durable
  • It can be installed at different angles

Possible downsides

  • Works well for warm water but not ideal for hot water.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.



4. Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater

The Stiebel eltron tankless water heater uses an advanced flow control patented technology developed by Siebel Eltron. 

With this feature, it has no challenge automatically maintaining water temperature. 

Therefore, it can be trusted for everyday comfort. 

If your demand for hot water goes beyond its capacity, it will slightly reduce flow, but you can be certain always to have access to hot water with this tankless water heater.

This device is sleek and small. 

Therefore, it is perfect for very small spaces. 

Although it is small, it has the capacity to provide water for an entire building constantly. 

That’s not all. It does not need any venting to carry out its duty properly.

This device comes with auto-modulation and is also eco-friendly.

 Due to this, you can save energy while using it.

This tankless water heater comes with a digital temperature display.

Additionally, it does not make any noise while working.

Features of this Heater

  • It saves energy and space
  • It features advanced flow control patented technology
  • It comes with warranties.

What I love about this Heater

  • It can be used very easily
  • It has a sleek design
  • It does not take up so much space
  • It does not make any noise while working

Possible downsides

  • It is a one fixture unit that is sold as a three fixture unit
  • Its water temperature tends to fluctuate.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They’ve got this product at the best price.


Buying Guide for the best tankless water heater for tiny home 

1. Consider fuel

Fuel considerations are important when looking to buy a tankless water heater. 

Before selecting any tankless water heater and eventually paying for it, you should know the type of fuel that can be gotten in your neighbourhood. 

While there are quite a handful of choices, the most common are natural gas, propane, and electricity. 

Although these three are popular, they might not all be available in your neighbourhood.

2. Consider Your Climate

The incoming water temperature for various areas is different. 

This means the GPM rating that is ideal for your home might not work for another family. 

You will need an increased GPM rating if the incoming water is cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Cost of Getting a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater is about three times the prices of a traditional water heater. 

This cost is basically because of insulation.

2. Are Tankless Water Heaters More Effective Than Traditional Water Heaters

Generally, tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional water heaters. 

This is because standard water heaters ensure the water is always hot in its storage. 

To do this, energy is needed, and this energy gets used even when there is no demand for hot water. 

On the other hand, tankless water heaters only function when there is a need or hot water. 

So, there will be no issues of stand-by water loss.


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