best tiny house youtube channels

Best Tiny House Youtube Channels

For fixing a tiny house, getting more than words from a web page can definitely make things clearer.

A couple of videos can pass the idea a lot quicker and there’s no better place to see this than on YouTube.

Running a search like “best tiny house” on the video-sharing platform will bring up a lot of results and you might have a hard time finding the best ones that solve or come closest to quenching your curiosity.

In this article, I’m going to share with you, some of the best tiny house YouTube channels, judging from the number of subscribers (a very strong indicator), quality of the videos, and actual examples.

Before going down to the list you may also be interested in finding out that not all states in the United States allow small houses.

To be in the know let’s look at the states that allow small houses: Texas, Oregon, California, Colorado, North Carolina, etc you may also do your research at the time of reading this as things keep changing.

You should know now whether your state of residence allows tiny or small houses.

Now, back to our list:

4 Best Tiny House YouTube Channels

1. Living Big in a Tiny House:

With over 3.8 million subscribers, Bryce (the video creator) has got so many Americans falling in love with what he does.


The channel has an array of videos showing various small space designs with the hope that each and everyone who cares can find a design that catches their heart.

You also get to see videos of Bryce build some of the best amazing designs on the go.

2. Tiny House Listings:

By reaching this channel you’ll be joining almost a million subscribers in seeing a host of the most beautiful tiny house designs.

Started in 2008, Tiny House Listings helps people get a feel for what it’s like to build from the scratch, or on the opposite end, you can buy an already-made tiny house.

Also, on their website, you can find really good design pictures with listings and their respective prices.

3. Tiny House Talk:

At this point, I have to say that our list is not in any particular order and when looking at a channel like this you understand why.

This channel’s designs are up there with the very best on the platform.

With over 33 thousand subscribers it offers a lot of beautiful tiny house designs with a lot going as practical as possible for the DIYers.

On their website, you’ll find already-made Van conversions which will save more work time from the new occupants.

4. Relaxshacks:

With over 500,000+ views on their videos you have a feeling, there’s something worth the attention and correctly there’s a lot.

This channel takes you on different tours to small houses allowing you to feel the designs.

Other designs you’ll see include Treehouses, Backyard Art Studios, Houseboat, campers, and lots more.


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