best way to store onions in kitchen

Best Way to Store Onions in Kitchen

Looking for the best way to store onions in kitchen? If yes is the answer, then this post was made for you.

Onions are one of the most used ingredients in your kitchen.

Whenever I go to the market, I always try to get as much onion as possible.

But looking at how they quickly get spoilt, I stopped getting as much as I could, all I did was get just the quantity needed immediately.

This was tiring as I always had to visit the market every day to get onion, so to stop wasting and save money.

I had to make sure I found the best onion in the kitchen.

Where is the best place to store onions?

According to the National Onion Association (NOA), onions are best stored in cool (not cold), dry dark, and well/adequately ventilated rooms.

The reason for this is due to the act that onion absorbs moisture.

This makes them rot or sprout when the temperature or humidity of place stored is high.

Onions maintain the best character sticks at 40-50 degree Fahrenheit (4-10 degree Celsius)

Why do onions need to be in a well-ventilated room?

They need to be stored in a well-ventilated place to prevent molding and rotting.

If stored in an area with poor ventilation, they spoil too quickly.

Why do they need to be kept in the dark?

The reason why onions are kept in the dark is that darkness helps onions to last longer.

This is because temperature and humidity changes are reduced due to the lack of sunlight.

Note: Do not store onions in the fridge or refrigerator.

How to preserve onions for months

I had to keep all the above rules in mind before I got the best tip ever on preserving onion from my mum

Note: My grandma is a renowned cook in the USA.

Before now, the method I used in storing onions in my kitchen has been working, but none could preserve onion for an extended period of 2-3months.

So I needed a technique that could preserve onion for a long period of time- say 2-3 months.

My grand mum told me never to store my onion in plastic bins in the drawer in the kitchen.

Then she introduced the punched bag method

You can get one from Amazon.

Step by step on using the punched bag method to Store Onion

1. Gather the onions to ensure that the onion is firm, one free from blemish.

If you buy the onion in large quantities, make sure that you throw away all rotten or spoilt onion found.

This will avoid contaminating the rest of them.

Brown paper bags: they should be easy to fold and punch

A Hole Punch: this can be gotten from stationeries or craft supplies

Marker: this will be used for making and labeling

Paper Clip: this will be used for holding the bag when closed

2. Punch The Bags: to do this, you will have to fold the bag, not half (in length), and punch along the other edge.

You can leave about 1 inch between each hole.

3. Fill the bag halfway

– Store in a drawer but do not crowd them; they need air to circulate around each bag – this is why the holes were made.


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