how to make your teeth straight at home

How to Make Your Teeth Straight at Home

It is common knowledge that the state of your teeth can have an effect on your confidence level.

While some people will remain confident regardless of how crooked their teeth look, some others will lose a great deal of confidence if their teeth are just slightly crooked.
The average person without a perfect dentition might wish they never had to deal with crooked teeth.

Nonetheless, this issue is one of the major issues that the average person has to face with their teeth.

People with crooked teeth might not be at ease when a joke is said as they will struggle to laugh.

The reason for this is obvious; their teeth are not straight.

How to Make Your Teeth Straight at Home

Crooked teeth can be made straight.  Nonetheless, a good number of people are not sure what their experience at the dentist will be like.

So, they opt to stay away from the clinic.

Well, if you are looking to make your teeth straight and are scared of going to the clinic, there are quite a number of ways you can straighten your teeth at home.

In this article, I will take you by hand and show you the various ways you can make your teeth straight at home.

The Process of Making Your Teeth Straight at Home

The process of straightening your teeth at home is a long one.

It is a lot longer than the process of straightening crooked teeth in a clinic.

The implication of this is if this is the route you want to go, you will need a great deal of patience.

Now, the average person might simply assume having straight teeth comes with just aesthetic value.

However, the fact is with straight teeth, issues relating to your jaw and teeth can be avoided in the long run.

So, you see, beyond simply looking good, you can have a much better quality of life if you decide to straighten your teeth.

Now, if you are reading this, I can safely assume you do not have any plans of visiting an orthodontist for the purpose of getting braces. There could be many reasons for this.

Nonetheless, lots of people opt to stay away from the orthodontist because of the financial implications.

Since you have made up your mind on straightening your teeth at home, let’s go through the various ways of doing this one after the other.

Removable Retainers

These are ideal for people looking to straighten their teeth but have had braces in the past.

Retainers might not be as strong as traditional braces. Nonetheless, they are considered more appealing.

Removable retainers are thin and look like a gumshield.

More often than not, they are custom made and usually get worn just after taking out races.

To get the best out of your retainers, you will need to adhere strictly to the instruction of your orthodontist. Just after taking off their braces, a lot of people are advised to put on their retainers throughout the day for the first ten days.

During this period, they are free to put them on only at night.

While pitting on retainers throughout the day, they should be taken off during swimming and eating.

While retainers are known to get the job done, they might not be free from side effects.

When freshly worn, you have slightly altered speech for a couple of days.

This usually gets corrected on its own accord.

Retainers do not just affect your speech. They could cause a sore on your gum.

In situations like this, you will need to reach out to professionals.

Beyond just getting your retainer to work the way it was designed to, you will need to keep it free from germs.

One way to do this is by cleaning it every day.

This should be done with water and soap.

If you are not comfortable simply using water and soap, then, you might want to try out a retainer cleaner.

In addition to keeping your retainer free from germs, you must learn to keep it safe when you take it out of your mouth during a meal or while taking part in physical activities.

One way to always keep your retainer safe is by placing it in its case when it is not in your mouth.

Furthermore, always keep your retainer far from your pets.

Dog and cats have a reputation for chewing retainers.

Make Use of Dental Floss

This is quite straightforward. It involves the use of dental floss to apply pressure.

All you need to get this done is to buy dental floss.

However, instead of using it to clean your teeth, you should use it to move your teeth in the direction you want them to go.

Nighttime Aligners

This can be worn when recommended by an orthodontist.

Also, you could take part in a dental aligner program online before settling for a nighttime aligner.

More often than not, you will need to put on aligners in the night if you are simply making minor corrections.

To get the best out of this method of straightening crooked teeth, ensure you talk about the details with your care provider.

Nighttime aligners have been around for quite a while.

Nonetheless, certain people have wondered about how effective they are,

While nighttime aligners are usually assumed to provide automatic results, sometimes, their results do not take place so fast.

Nighttime aligners, no doubt are effective. However, it appears they only work for a select few.

The reason for this is they were designed to be used in treating extremely mild crowding or spacing.

If you are dealing with crowding or spacing that demands the use of more than three to five aligners, you might just have to do away with the use of nighttime aligners and make use of regular braces.

If you have no idea how the teeth move, you might never be able to find out why nighttime aligners might not always be effective.

Nonetheless, as soon as you are able to find out how teeth actually move, you are one step in discovering the reason nighttime aligners might not always work.

When worn, nighttime aligns provide some compression around the periodontal ligament surrounding the root of a tooth.

This pressure leads to the absorption of bone on one pressure end of the tooth, as well as a deposition of bone on another side of the tooth. When this goes on, the teeth have no choice but to get realigned according to the position of the force.

That’s not all. The process of bone resorption and deposition needs up to 22 hours of light pressure for it to occur.

The implication of this is by putting on aligners only at the night, you will have no effect on the bone around the tooth roots.

You will simply affect the ligament space.

Finger Pressure

There are several ways to straighten crooked teeth at home and this method is one of the easiest.

To get started with this, you simply need to apply some pressure on your teeth.

This should be done very gently and in the direction you are comfortable with.

When doing this, you might be tempted to apply a lot of pressure as you might want instant results.

However, to ensure you do not run into problems in the future, you will need to apply just a bit of pressure.

This is important as there is a likelihood of your teeth being lost if you apply excessive pressure.

Of course, this is not the result you desire so you must be really careful.

While making use of this method in straightening your teeth at home, you must bear in mind that your palates and gums are not hard.

So, they could be injured if you are not gentle.

Togue Pressure

Just like with the technique above, in this technique, you will not need to make use of any external material.

Also, this method has similar workings to putting on braces.

You can alter the position of your teeth by exerting some level of pressure with your tongue and you will be able to successfully move them into the position you are comfortable with.

To fix issues of crooked teeth with your tongue, you simply need to position your tongue along your gumline.

When you are not eating or talking, you can push your teeth with your tongue.

This method will not give you instantaneous results. So, you have to be very patient.

Habits That Make Your Teeth Crooked

While looking to straighten crooked teeth at home, it is important that you know the various reason your teeth could get crooked.

When armed with this knowledge, you can straighten your teeth without the risk of it getting crooked again.

Some habits you must avoid when looking to maintain already straightened teeth are;

Maintain a Good Posture at the Desk

If you spend a lot of time sitting at the desk, there is a likelihood that you might want to support your chin with your hand as you get tired.

This might appear like a simple way to relax in the middle of work.

However, it is action that could alter the integrity of your teeth.

To avoid having to do this, you will need to maintain a good posture.

This can be done by ensuring you are not sitting on your tailbone while sitting.

When you sit this way, you will not need to slump forward and end up resting your chin in your hand.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

For lots of people, sleeping on the stomach seems like a normal thing to do.

Nonetheless, it might not be an ideal thing for anyone that is looking to avoid their teeth getting crooked.

The reason for this is quite straightforward.

When you sleep on your chest, over time, you will have applied some pressure on your face and by extension, your teeth.

This might not mean much in a short time.

However, in the long run, you will be applying pressure to your teeth very gradually and this could cause a shift in the alignment of your teeth.
If this is anything to go by, when looking to prevent your teeth from getting crooked, you should sleep more on your side or back.

Sucking up of Objects Might not be ideal

As children grow up, some of them pick up the habit of constantly sucking their thumb.

Those that do not suck their thumb might use pacifiers excessively and this could make their teeth crooked.

Although this does not appear like something that should cause any damage to one’s teeth, however, children still have their gum and teeth developing.

So, they could be damaged easily by the wrong actions.

So, to prevent your child from having crooked teeth over time, ensure they do not take part in activities that put their teeth under pressure.

Breathing Through Your Mouth

It might seem like breathing through your mouth does not have any effect on the state of your teeth.

Well, if this what you have always thought, then, you are wrong.

When you breathe through your mouth frequently, your jaw could get narrow and this could have an effect on the alignment of your teeth.

Why You Should Straighten Crooked Teeth

To the average person, straightening crooked teeth only helps you look better.

However, there are lots of other reasons you should straighten crooked teeth.

It Helps Your Appearance

This is perhaps the most common reason you should straighten crooked teeth.

When your teeth are straight, it helps with your overall attractiveness.

It is not out of place to expect someone with straight teeth to be perceived as being more attractive than someone with crooked teeth.

People with great dentition are known to be more confident than people with not very straight teeth.

Beyond simply being more attractive, people with straight teeth have improved bites.

This might not seem like much. However, it is important to note that people with underbite or overbite might have to deal with their teeth wearing off excessively.

That’s not all. Crooked teeth could lead to breathing difficulty and issues with the jaw joint.

When the teeth are crooked, they could cause bleeding and swollen gums as flossing and brushing might be a little difficult.

Straight Teeth are Generally Healthier

With straight teeth, issues of cavity are fewer. Also, discoloration is less likely to occur.

That’s not all. People with straight teeth are known to have healthier gums as compared to people that do not have very straight teeth.

Due to this, the likelihood of developing gum diseases is greatly toned down.

With straight teeth, issues of sensitivity will not be experienced and you are free to eat whatever you want.

Straight Teeth Have an Effect on Length of Life

While it is common knowledge that having straight teeth can greatly impact your quality of life, not many people realize that beyond simply having an impact on one’s quality of life, straight teeth can help one live longer.

How possible is this?

According to research, people that make flossing a daily routine are likely to live seven years longer.

This might not make a lot of sense until you realize that flossing properly is actually a difficult thing to do when your teeth are crooked.

Furthermore, according to a study that was carried out in 2009, the likelihood of people with gum disease suffering from coronary artery disease increases by about 35%.

Now, if you consider the fact that you will not have to struggle to keep straight teeth clean, you can better understand the fact that gum diseases and ultimately heart diseases can be avoided by simply having straight teeth.

Straightening the Teeth Help Prevent Fractures of the Teeth

The likelihood of having a broken tooth from an accidental fall increases when one has buck teeth.

So, straightening buck teeth can go a long way in preventing tooth fracture

It Helps in Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is not something most people see coming.

It can happen when the average person least expects it.

Lots of people work towards avoiding tooth decay by reducing their sugar intake.

Some others watch their diet to ensure they do not have to deal with tooth decay.

All these can be trusted to keep your teeth in good condition.

However, they are not enough.

One way to avoid dealing with tooth decay is by getting your teeth straightened.

It Enhances Your Face

This might not appear like it has anything to do with your health.

Nonetheless, it is quite important as lots of people enjoy looking good.

Beyond just looking good, the state of one’s face could affect other people’s perception of the person.

So, if you have always wanted to gain favor from people and you have crooked teeth, you just might need to straighten your teeth.

It Helps you Speak Better

Do you have issues speaking clearly? If yes, the solution to your speech problems might simply be about having straight teeth.

When the teeth are aligned properly, the process of speaking is a lot smoother.

This can go a long way in helping one communicate better.

However, beyond simply helping one communicate better, it could be a major boost of confidence.

Helps Lower the Risk of Sleep Apnea

When the teeth are straight, the lower face appears formed properly.

This way there is proper air development. When the teeth are crooked and narrow, the jaw could be narrow and might not give room for adequate air.

This condition could lead to sleep apnea.

The Likelihood of Suffering from Periodontal Disease is Reduced

Periodontal disease has its effect on the gum.

Usually, it takes place in people with poor hygiene.

While there are lots of reasons people do not have very clean teeth, the difficulty associated with brushing crooked teeth properly could have an effect on the state of one’s gums and might be responsible for periodontal

You Can Do Away with Stigma

People with crooked teeth sometimes face a stigma.

This could make the average person uncomfortable.

Well, the great degree of discomfort associated with having a crooked tooth can be fixed by simply straightening your teeth.

What Leads to Crooked Teeth

No one is born with teeth, however, as soon as some people begin growing teeth, they discover they have crooked teeth.

Others, however, end up having crooked teeth when they begin growing permanent teeth.

While there are habits that can make the teeth crooked, sometimes, one does not need to engage in an unhealthy habit before having crooked teeth.

Beyond just having a bad habit, there are factors that can make the teeth crooked. Some of them are;


This is a case of the misalignment of the jaw.

All things being equal, the upper teeth should slightly fit over the lower teeth.

The absence of this level of alignment is simply a case of malocclusion.

Some popular misalignments are underbite and overbite.

With an underbite, the lower front teeth protrude more than the upper front teeth while with an overbite, the upper front teeth protrude over the lower front teeth.

Size of the Jaw

Through the years, humans have given more attention to processed foods that do not need a great degree of chewing.

This activity has altered the average size of human jaw.

According to research, having shorter jaws might lead to the misalignment of teeth.


This is pretty straightforward.

If one is from a lineage of people with crooked teeth, the likelihood of such a person having crooked teeth is high.

This could come from either of one’s parents.

Injury to the Face

When one has a blow to the jaw, it could lead to a tooth or a couple of teeth falling off.

This could end up causing a misalignment of the remaining teeth.

This might be difficult to understand.

However, the teeth are known to rest on one another in the mouth.

So, the absence of one tooth can lead to a misalignment of the other.

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