how to maximize your space in a small house

How To Maximize Your Space in a Small House

Looking for the most accurate way or methods on how to maximize your space in a small house? This article is for you.

For so many, managing a small living house with all items required for daily living is a big challenge. 

The decision to keep an object close to the walls or in the middle of the room or on something can be confusing. 

We all would love a more prominent space. 

Even though this doesn’t take away having to decide where things should be kept, it gives us more options.

On the other hand, there’s a beauty in fixing a small apartment to contain all there is to have.

In this article, I’ll share the best tips in keeping things you need and creating enough space where necessary.

How To Maximize Your Space In A Small House

Below are the best steps to maximizing your space in a small house.- They are mosst accurate and very precise, but yet effective.

They include;

1. Don’t keep it if it’s not necessary

Over the years of living in an apartment, you find yourself acquiring lots of stuff that you believe are necessary. 

Our mind tells us we should keep all of it but do we have to? Or since we don’t control everything, do we have to keep most of those things we’ve acquired?

Of course, NO!

You shouldn’t keep it if it’s not necessary.

For instance, you’ve been gifted a washing machine when you already have one. 

They are both useful but hey! They save the same purpose, and honestly, you shouldn’t keep both.

Go on Craigslist and let one of them change ownership, or you let a loved one keep either of them.

You’ll be doing yourself right by not cluttering your space with two washing machines.

That was a case of having a redundant item, but still, there are cases you have things you don’t ever get to use. It’s a no-brainer, do away with it.

2. For every space, its purposes

An ideal house is one with separate rooms for each purpose, at least for most purposes. 

But in a small apartment, that’s not the case.

A single room gets more than one activity (purpose) fused into it.

For instance, in so many small houses, the big living room (mostly the most oversized room in the house) also has a space for dining; looking at it, it’s nice but only when well organized. 

You can also see a shelf where books are kept. 

If done right, it could be a beauty.

Fusing all of this into a living room won’t work for everyone, which largely depends on the size of the living room. 

However, some things should be able to go in hence making it serve multiple purposes.

So, you think of it. Let the size of your living room or any other rooms in your apartment guide you on the size of chairs, tables, etc., and what you’re buying. 

It can make all the difference.

3. Some things shouldn’t be on the ground.

It can be like magic (so I felt) the space created when you’ve put your mind into taking some things off the ground and doing it.

If you’re in your apartment now, run your eyes on what you can take off the ground, maybe put it on something else and imagine the space that will be created.

Not everything can be taken off the ground, but I bet if you look enough, you can get some shelves you can get a few things off the ground.

And you’re asking: any ideas on what to take off the ground? I say YES!

Start with the shoes, books, bags, toys, and many more.

You can also look at things that are not used regularly.


4. The closets should take as much as possible

Earlier I talked about gifting redundant items well; you can dump them in your closets if they fit in. 

Some closets are perfect for things that are not used regularly. 

They are left there for long and almost forgotten. 

So, you can do a quick check for some of those things rarely and would fit in and dump them there in your closets, at least for the meantime.



Tips are tips, beneficial they can be, but in this case, your creativity in managing space is vital. 

Doing this is not a one-time thing; start somewhere and progress as the feeling comes.

Houses come in different shapes and arrangements, so should items inside the home be arranged to get the maximum space possible.



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