How To Pull A Tooth At Home

Does your child battle with excruciating pain, as a result of toothache? Relax! As you can fix this issue without visiting a dentist.
In this article, I’ll be telling how you how to pull a tooth at home.

This is quite easy as I’ve tried this and confirmed that this actually works.

Types of Teeth

As you may know, there are two types of teeth, they are;
– Permanent teeth
– Milk teeth
The first set of teeth that humans have is milk teeth and followed by permanent teeth.

The milk teeth, which occur around age 6-7 years, are meant to fall out on their own, without applying any force on it, to give room to permanent teeth.

However, there are times when these milk teeth stay longer than expected before pulling out, which does give children excruciating pain, at a time, such a child might not be able to eat.

And at this point, many parents will result in helping the child to pull the teeth out, and in this article, you will learn the right way to pull a tooth out at home.

However, if your child is an adult, don’t try doing this at home, as this can result in serious pain and severe bleeding. You are advised to visit a dentist, on how to pull out an adult tooth.

The below are complications that can come out as a result of pulling out an adult tooth at home.

● Tooth decay

● bone deterioration

● receding gum line

● Gum infection

● Gingivitis (bleeding from the gum

How To Pull A Baby Tooth
Baby Tooth does not require any force before coming out. It’s expected to pull out itself.

If you don’t pull your baby’s tooth out and allow it to come out freely as when due, it can help in jaw development.

However, you can take your child to see a dentist, to be sure the tooth isn’t decaying.

If your child is battling tooth decay, bacteria will spread to other teeth. A dentist will give you the best treatment on this.

The below is a guide to removing your child’s tooth at home.

● Ask your child to use the tongue to wriggle the tooth, until it comes out.

● Stop from using your hand to poke the tooth (Because dirty hands can infect the tooth with bacteria)

● Tell them to brush regularly (at least twice regularly, this can make the tooth naturally)

● The blood that comes out shouldn’t give you concern. (You are seeing the blood because you force the tooth out)

● Tell your find to eat some hard food, like cartilage, meat, etc

Alternatively, you can make use of these fun ways, to get remove your child’s tooth

String and doorknob method
This can be done by getting a string, and stay close to a doorknob

Wondering how this process goes?

Here it is.

Tie one of the strings to your child’s tooth, then the other to the doorknob.

Slam the door at once!

Like magic, you will see the tooth rolling out happily.

The doggy treat method
If you have a dog at home, then the case is set.

● Get a string, tie one end of it to your child’s tooth, and the other to the dog’s collar.

● Throw your dog’s favourite meal at it (bone)

● The dog will run forward. There you have it, the tooth will roll out at once.

The “fly ball” method
This can be best done, by tying a string around a ball, and the second and around your child’s tooth.

Then gently throw the ball up.

You should have the tooth, going up with the ball.

Pulling your tooth
Some adults love pulling their teeth out themselves. This is not uncommon, but it’s best you see a dentist, who can help you do this professionally.

There are some reasons why adults want to get rid of their teeth, and some of them include.

● Excruciating pain

● Decaying teeth.

● Pressure

● Cavities

● Infection

You are advised not to pull out an adult tooth yourself Because, an adult tooth, is surrounded by
● gums
● blood vessels
● Nerves
● And deeply rooted in the jaw.

If you decide to pull the tooth out yourself, it can leave you with long-lasting pain, which may incur high cost, to fix

However, dentists are specialists in this aspect and will be able to make use of modern tools to remove the tooth, without leaving you with any pain.

To Make sure your tooth stays healthy, do the following always.

● Brush twice daily, and make use of fluoride-based toothpaste. (Brush in the morning before your meal, and at night after your dinner).

● Make it a habit to always remove food particles that are stuck between your teeth by flossing daily.

● Protect your teeth from decay and bacteria by drinking fluoridated water.

● Visit a dentist once in 6 months, for a proper checkup of your teeth.

● Consume sugary foods, drinks, chewing gum in very little Proportion.


Children do not need to visit a dentist to have their teeth removed, because they are still having milk teeth. It often removes them on their own.

It can be fun when pulling out a baby’s tooth, as many children and parents derive pleasure in this. However, when doing this, do it with caution.

Nevertheless, don’t for any reason pull out an adult tooth yourself, because adult teeth are permanent teeth

To pull out an adult tooth, consult a dentist.


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