how to store a christmas tree in a small apartment

How to Store a Christmas Tree in a Small Apartment

Want to know how to how to store a christmas tree in a small apartment? If yes, this is the best article for you.

Holidays are beautiful and the average person does all they can do to get the best out of them.

While there are several holidays in various parts of the world, the Christmas holiday is perhaps the most famous holiday all around the world.

Beyond being one of the most famous holidays all around the world, it is strongly associated with the Christmas tree.

Now, to lots of people, Christmas is incomplete without the Christmas tree and they will go to any length to ensure they have one in their house during Christmas.

Getting a Christmas tree set up in a house is not a very easy thing to do.

However, it is even more difficult if you live in a small apartment.

While setting up a Christmas tree in a small apartment may be difficult, it is nothing compared to the pain associated with storing one after Christmas.
With the festive season coming to an end, lots of people are not sure how they intend to store their Christmas tree.

Nonetheless, this state of confusion is common among people that live in small apartments.

Do you live in a small apartment and are not sure how you intend to store your Christmas tree after Christmas? Read on to find out how to do this efficiently.

Steps in Storing a Christmas Tree

Here are the step in storing a christmas tree in your home

Select a Storage Method

There are various methods of storing a Christmas tree in a small apartment.

Due to this, the first thing you must do when looking to store a Christmas tree in a small apartment is make up your mind on the method of storage you want to use.
While there are several ways you can store a Christmas tree, the major ways to do this are to use a box, a bag, or store the tree in an upright position.

Getting Your Tree Ready for Storage

At this point, you are certain how you want to store your Christmas tree. While this is great, there is more.

There are steps you must follow to ensure your Christmas tree is stored properly regardless of the method of storage you have adopted.

Take a Look at the Lights

Before going ahead to put your Christmas tree away for storage, you might want to check out the lights and find out what state they are in.

If any light bulbs are burnt out or broken, it is best to replace them before storing the Christmas tree.

After looking out for the bulbs that are good, as well as those that will need to be replaced, you will have to wait about 20-30 minutes before storing your Christmas tree.

Doing this will give the bulbs room to cool off.

Do you power your Christmas tree with surge protectors and extensions? If yes, you will have to put these in a bag and store them next to your Christmas tree.

Ensure the Branches Look Okay

It will not be nice to store your Christmas tree with its branches in a bad state.

So, before storage, you should take out time to clean your Christmas tree’s branches.

You can do this with a moist piece of cloth or with a vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning, ensure the branches are dry before going ahead to store the tree.

Disassemble Your Christmas Tree

After cleaning your Christmas tree and taking off the decorations, the next thing you should do is disassemble your Christmas tree if you will not be storing it in one piece.

You can start by taking its top off.

You simply need to twist it back and forth to achieve this.

If you will not be storing your Christmas tree in an upright position, this is the point you should get it into the storage box or bag.

You will want to store the biggest part at the base of your bag.

The bottom is usually heavy. So, it is best you have it at the base of your box or bag.

Will you be storing your Christmas tree in more than one bag or box? If yes, you might want to put the various biggest parts at the base of the different boxes.

Store You Christmas Tree

There are no rules that state you must store your Christmas tree in a particular part of your apartment.

Nonetheless, when storing your Christmas tree, you will get the best result if it is stored in a cool and dry environment.

This is important as heat can lead to melting and discoloration.

Methods of Storing Christmas Trees

Storing Your Christmas Tree in a Box

This is perhaps the most popular way to store a Christmas tree in a small apartment.

The reason for this is tree boxes have a flat top. With this, you are free to place other forms of decorations on the box without worrying about them sliding down.

Additionally, Christmas trees come in a box. So, it just makes perfect sense that they are placed in a box during storage.

Types of Boxes for Storing Christmas Trees

Now that you have decided to store your Christmas tree in a box, it is vital that you know the various types of boxes for storing Christmas trees.

When looking to store your Christmas tree in a box, you can decide to store it in a plastic box, and a cardboard box.

Cardboard Box

A Christmas tree comes in a cardboard box.

Due to this, storing them in a cardboard box and placing them in one corner of your apartment appears like the most logical thing to do.

This also explains the simplicity associated with storing a Christmas tree in a cardboard box.

If you do things the right way, you can keep storing your Christmas tree in the cardboard box it came with for more than three years.

If you notice your cardboard box getting spoilt, you can work on it to make it last longer.

This is not a difficult thing to do.

You simply need to get some cardboard pieces and use them to reinforce the corners of the cardboard box you store your Christmas tree in.

That’s not all. You can also use tape in holding the corners of the box once a year.

Cardboard boxes are indeed easy to handle when looking to store your Christmas tree until the next festive season.

Nonetheless, you will have to deal with issues associated with them absorbing moisture.

Although the average cardboard box does not expel moisture, some of them come with a plastic coating that helps in repelling moisture.
Artificial Christmas trees are obviously not organic products.

Nonetheless, they should not be allowed to get moist.

When they get moist, they could become a breeding ground for mould and insects. With this, you just might be unable to use them in the next festive season.

Plastic Boxes

Are you looking to store your Christmas tree in a box? If yes, you might want to consider storing it in a plastic box.

With plastic boxes, you will not have to worry about insects or moisture getting on your Christmas tree.

That’s not all. Plastic boxes are quite hard.

So, you will not have any challenges if you decide to stack one box on another during storage.

Beyond the simple fact that moisture cannot make it to your tree when it is stored in a plastic box, you are free to store the ornaments attached to your Christmas tree alongside the tree.

If you decide to go this route, you will have to cover the ornaments in t-shirts or tissue paper.

This will stop them from being scratched.

Although storing your Christmas tree in a plastic box seems like the way to go when you opt for box storage, you might struggle to get this done as you will deal with the difficulty of coming across a box that can accommodate your Christmas tree without it being split into sections.

Well, if you are unable to get a box that can accommodate your Christmas tree in one bit, it is okay to split it into sections and label the boxes based on the section they are housing.

Storing Christmas Trees with Bags

Anyone interested in storing their Christmas tree with a bag has quite a number of alternatives.

They include structured bags, cinch bags, and duffel bags.

Christmas tree bags fulfil the basic need of having a place to store your Christmas tree when the festive period is over.

Additionally, they are beautifully designed and help people get in a festive mood.

Let’s take a look at some of the Christmas bags you can take advantage of when looking to store your Christmas tree until the next festive period.

Duffel Bag

This type of Christmas tree storage bag is not expensive. As a matter of fact, of the three bags for storing Christmas trees, it is the most affordable. It comes with long handles. However, it does not have wheels.

Additionally, it is not known to come with wheels and straps.

This means you must be extra careful when storing your Christmas tree in this bag.

The absence of straps means getting this bag together might be difficult.

So, you might need more than one bag for a fairly large Christmas tree.

Cinch Bag

This bag was designed to ensure the Christmas tree is in a secure position.

Due to its design, it is a good bag for anyone looking to store a broad Christmas tree.

Additionally, cinch bags can be moved around easily as they come with wheels.

Structured Bags

This type of bag has some similarities with boxes. However, they are more flexible.

Additionally, due to their design, they are known to provide more stability for stored Christmas trees and can be moved around very easily since they have handles and wheels.

Storing your Christmas Tree in an Upright Form

Not everyone that lives in a small apartment is comfortable dismantling their Christmas trees before storing them.

If you are one of these people, then, you might want to store your Christmas tree in an upright position.

There are various ways this can be done.

The most affordable is covering it with a cheap sheet and leaving it until the next time it is needed.

Once it is covered, you can easily move it to a corner of your apartment.

If you plan to store your Christmas tree this way, you might want to buy a Christmas tree that has wheels.

While this method of storing a Christmas tree in a small apartment seems very easy, it might not be ideal for big Christmas trees.

If you are not comfortable with simply covering your Christmas tree with a sheet, you can opt for an upright tree keeper bag.

You make use of this approach, you will be able to store the Christmas tree without dismantling it into different sections.

Nonetheless, the tree branches will be compressed. You can avoid compressing the branches of your Christmas tree by simply making use of a bag that is bigger than your Christmas tree.

When you do this, you will not have any need of taking away some strings of light and ornaments from the Christmas tree before storing them.

Make a Bag for Your Christmas Tree

This method works when dealing with a large Christmas tree. Regardless of how big a Christmas tree is, a custom-made bag will be ideal for it.

Wrapping Your Christmas Tree

This method of storing Christmas trees is a route that lots of people do not bother taking.

I guess the reason is they are comfortable with the other methods of storing Christmas trees.

Well, even if this method is not one you are familiar with, you might want to give it a try.

If you will be wrapping your Christmas tree until next Christmas, you will need to get a stretch wrap and will also need a partner as this is not a job for one person.

While at this, ensure you do not wrap your Christmas tree with a kitchen wrap. If you do this, you will not get the right result.

Additionally, when wrapping, you will need to apply some force.

Doing this will ensure you get the best result from this method of storing your Christmas tree.

Additionally, a couple of layers will not be ideal. You will need to wrap your Christmas tree with lots of layers.

To get started, one person will have to hold on to an end of the wrap with the other person going around the tree gradually.

When opting for this method of storing Christmas trees, note that you should use it majorly on small Christmas trees.

Once a tree exceeds 6 feet, it might not be ideal for this method of storage.

Also, if a tree comes with breakable ornaments, you might not want to wrap it.

How to Store Christmas Tree Decorations?

There is a lot that goes into storing Christmas trees after the festive period is over.

While it seems as simple as putting your Christmas tree into a bag or box, what happens to the decorations?

A lot of times, it is impossible to store your Christmas tree with its decorations all at once.

Going by this, you will have to come up with a way to store your Christmas tree decorations separately from your Christmas tree.

This might be a little challenging. However, with the tips below, you will be able to get this done without going through a lot of stress.

Use Cardboards to Store Lights

Christmas tree lights are very delicate and can get bad if not properly stored.

To ensure that your Christmas tree lights last the test of time and live as long as the Christmas tree itself, you should get cardboard and wrap these lights around it.

You should give a space of at least one inch to avoid them getting tangled.

Store Beads in Water Bottles

When looking to store your Christmas tree in a small apartment and are not sure how you want to store beads, you do not need to look far away.

You can store these beads in water bottles. If you are not comfortable storing these beads in water bottles, you can store them in containers for tennis balls.

Wrap Cords Around Paper Towel Holders

If you must keep your extension cords free from any tangling, you might want to wrap them around towel holders.

Clear Containers Will Come in Handy:

There are times you do not want to go through the process of labelling containers when storing Christmas tree ornaments.

In situations like this, it is best you store the various ornaments from your Christmas tree in a transparent container.

You Can Hang Ornaments

This is a perfect way to store your ornaments apart from your Christmas tree for up to a year if you are not

comfortable with placing them in a container.

This is a good storage method if the balls that come with your Christmas tree are shatterproof.

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