how to store shoes in a small apartment

How to Store Shoes in a Small Apartment

Are you a fashionista and have a special interest in buying shoes? If yes, by now, you most likely have more shoes than you can conveniently count.

This might seem very cool. Nonetheless, having a lot of shoes comes with its own downsides; issues associated with storage.

If you live in a big apartment, storing your numerous pairs of shoes might not be a challenge.

On the other hand, you will most likely struggle to store your shoes properly if you live in a small apartment.

In this article, I shall be listing out everything you need to know on how to store shoes in a small apartment.

How to Store Shoes in a Small Apartment

If you struggle to properly store your shoes in a small apartment, the first thing you need to do is do away with the shoes you are sure you will not be wearing anymore.

You can give them out or sell them.
After doing away with unwanted shoes, you definitely will come up with some extra space in your home.

Now, this might not be enough. However, we have you covered and put down a list of ways you can store shoes in a small apartment.

Read on to discover these ways.

Put a Small Shelf Close to Your Door

At the sound of the word “shelf”, lots of people think of a means to store books.

Well, shelves can also be used in storing shoes.

To get this done, simply place a small shelf close to the doorway.

Beyond being great for storing shoes, you can also place your bag on the shelf.

Position a Small Drawer for Your Footwear Close to the Doorway

This is an easy and trusted way to store your shoes without the need to do much.

When you store your shoes this way, you will be able to separate them from every other thing in your house.

Usually, these drawers come with a top that lots of people might not make use of.

If you will not be putting your shoes in the drawer, you can store other accessories on it.

This way, you maximize its presence.

Design a Small Shelf for Small Corners in Your Home

Ideally, storing your shoes with a shelf is great.

However, the average shelf might not fit into the tiny corners of your home.

So, to take advantage of the tiny corners in your home when looking to store your shoes, you will have to design a shelf that fits perfectly into these corners.

Build a Shoe Rack or your Wall

The average person can simply purchase a shoe rack from the market for storing their shoes.

This might work well if you live in a big apartment.

However, people that live in small apartments might not be able to get the best when they purchase an already made shoe rack.

The implication of this is you will have to build a shoe rack for your apartment.

When building a shoe rack for your small apartment, you can build one that covers an entire section of the wall so long that section is free.

When you do this, you will avoid the limitations associated with already made shoe racks.

Use the Space Under You Bed

In the average apartment, the bed takes up a good deal of space.

While this is what it is supposed to be, you should not let all this space waste simply because your bed is sitting over it.

You can convert the space under your bed to a storage ground for your shoes.

When looking to store your shoes under your bed, you should not just place them under the bed.

You will need a sliding drawer or a rolling tray to make things very easy.

Construct a Shoe Storage in your Walls

This is quite an invasive method of storing shoes if you live in a small apartment.

However, it is very effective. It involves building your walls in a way that they have an in-built shoe rack.

This method of storing shoes in a small apartment is great as it does not in any way take up extra space.

Additionally, you can make the shoe rack as high as you are comfortable with.

To get the best out of this storage method, you should have the shoes you were regularly on the bottom and those you rarely wear at the top.

Take Advantage of the Space Beneath Your Couch

A lot of times, people in small apartments do not do much with space under their couch.

Well, if you fall into this class of people, you can convert the under of your couch to space for storing your shoes.

When looking to store your shoes under your couch, get crates or boxes that you have no use for and put your shoes in them.

Once you do this, you can slide them under your couch.

This method of storing shoes in a small apartment is great for shoes you do not wear too often.

A Small Ladder will be Great

Ladders are generally associated with helping us get to heights we naturally can’t get to in our homes.

While this might be the norm, it is okay if you take a break from the norm and convert a ladder to a tool for storing shoes in a small apartment.
If you do not have ample storage space for shoes in your apartment, you can store them on a small ladder.

You simply need a ladder that is about half as high as the wall.

Purchase an Ottoman Designed for Shoes

This is similar to storing your shoes under the bed or couch.

This might be a little tricky as there are different ottomans in the market.

So, you have to be on the lookout for one made for shoes.

Baskets will be Nice

There is a lot you can do with baskets in the house.

This might be common knowledge.

However, it will be almost impossible to guess that baskets can be used in storing shoes.

Well, if you had no idea how possible this is, you simply need to buy a basket and gently fix your shoes into it.

A Wall Hanger will be Great

This is very straightforward and very affordable.

If you own several shoes, you will need a lot of wall hangers.

However, if you have just a few shoes, one shoe rack will be good enough.

How to Store Shoes without Them Being Damaged?

It is one thing to store shoes and another to store them in a way that they never get damaged.

Now, you might have mastered the art of storing shoes.

Nonetheless, if not stored properly, you will simply destroy them over time.

Therefore, this makes it important that you know just the right way to store shoes without them being destroyed.

Now, storing shoes properly might not mean much to some people probably because they have a lot of money and will not struggle to replace their shoes when they get damaged.

However, the same cannot be said about the average person.

Shoes are not exactly easy to replace.

With this in mind, arming oneself with the knowledge needed for storing shoes properly becomes impotent.

That said, below are tips to help you store your shoes without destroying them.

Shoes Stored for Long Periods should be on Wooden Shoe Horns

There are several ways to store shoes.

However, the right way for storing a pair of shoes you seldom wear is different from the right way you should store shoes that you are frequently used.
When a shoe will be stored for at least a week, it will not be good to leave it simply lying around.

You should make use of stretchers or wooden shoehorns in preserving its shape.

While using various structures to preserve the structure of your shoes is great, you must make use of the right size.

If you fail to do this, you might end up stretching your shoes.

When looking to preserve your shoe’s structure with a plastic or wooden frame, you must wait for about 24 hours after wearing the shoe.

This way, gathered moisture will have the time to evaporate.

If you fail to give it some time to rest, the shoe will deteriorate over time.

Take Time to Clean Shoes

It does not matter how long you intend to store your shoes.

Before you go ahead to store them, take out time to clean them.

This should be followed by the application of a leather conditioner.

After applying a leather conditioner, you should stuff the shoes with the right materials so the toe box stays smooth.

Make use of a Shoe Tree for Storing Shoes for a Short Time

There are several factors that can affect the appearance of stored shoes over time.

Some of these factors are aridity, humidity, and gravity.

That’s not all. When shoes are stored for a long time, creases and folds associated with worn shoes could become permanent.

When shoes are stored for a short period, the support from a shoe tree or some reshaping will be good enough.

However, this might not work well if they will be stored for long periods.

When storing shoes for a short time, you must avoid throwing them on the floor in form of a pile.

Instead, ensure they are carefully placed on a shoe tree.

Put Silica Packets in Your Lightweight Shoes

Shoes designed for summer are not heavy.

Also, they are made from fragile materials.

To keep them properly stored, you should put a bracket of silica gel in their container.

This will help deal with dampness.

Bright Colored Shoes should be Protected from Sunlight

If your shoes are brightly colored, they could be damaged by the sun.

So, ensure they never have contact with the sun if you want them to last a long time.

Stuff Your Shoe with Tissue

Stuffing your shoe with tissue will help it maintain its shape.

However, while looking to do this, you should make use of acid-free tissue.

With acid-free tissue, you can keep your shoe from losing its shape and also maintain the right moisture level at the same time.

If you will be stuffing your shoe with paper for a short time, you can use newsprint.

However, if you will do this for a long time, acid-free tissue is ideal.

You do not have to use paper if you think it will be unable to fill thick leather or boots.

Instead, you can make use of unbleached muslin fabric.

This fabric can be trusted to take away moisture and keep metal buckles protected.

Ensure you Store Shoes in an Environment that is Climate Controlled

Extreme weather conditions are not good for leather shoes.

They could make your leather shoe brittle and also cause shoe fabrics to be weak.

This is in addition to loosening glues.

Storing Leather Shoes for a Long Time

Leather shoes are generally known to stand out from the average shoe and it is common knowledge that anyone can look a lot different by simply putting on a pair of leather shoes.

Well, putting on leather shoes might be great.

However, storing them properly might be challenging.

This might not mean much if you do not mind looking bad or the price of the shoe does not mean much to you.

However, if you want to get absolute value for your leather shoes and always want to look your best, storing them the right way becomes really important.
The fact remains that storing your leather shoes for a long time can be a fairly long process.

Let’s walk you through this process.

When looking to store your leather shoes for a long time, you must prepare them for this long storage period.

To get started, you have to clean them properly.

If you fail to properly clean your leather shoes before storing them for a long time when next you want to wear them, you can be certain that they would have gone through a great degree of damage, and getting them back into shape might be impossible.

You must note that things that might have no effect on regular shoes will always have a major effect on leather shoes because of their organic source.

You might almost want to treat your pair of leather shoes like your skin.

Cleaning your leather shoes is a lot more than just rubbing a piece of cloth on them.

There is a lot you will need to do when cleaning your leather shoes in preparation for long-term storage.

The initial thing to be done is to get a piece of cloth that is dry and soft. With this piece of cloth, clean off any dirt from your leather shoe.

While at this ensure you are gentle.

You should not scrub your leather shoes.

Doing this can get your shoes damaged.
As soon as you are done cleaning off any noticeable dirt from your leather shoes, you should rub a leather shoe cleaner on it.

This should be followed by polishing your shoes and leaving them to dry.

With all these done, allow them to stay out of any storage space through the night.

By morning, they will be perfect for storage.

At this point, you are ready to store your leather shoes.

Your shoes might look great and ready to be stored.

Nonetheless, you should not just throw them into the storage space.

You must store them in a way that will prevent them from going out of shape.

This can be done by taking advantage of the existence of a shoehorn for each pair of leather shoes you own.

If you are unable to get shoe horns, you can make use of shoe paper.

At this point, you might be tempted to place your leather shoe in the shoebox it came with before storing it.

Regardless of how right this might seem, it is a wrong move.

When leather shoes are stored in shoe boxes over a long time, they could get worse as leather needs air to look good.

Since storing your leather shoes involves avoiding moisture, it is best if they are packed in a fabric bag.

This way, they can breathe and will also not get moist.

How Long Can a Shoe Be Stored without Being Worn?

When a shoe gets worn occasionally, it cannot be said to have an expiry date.

This is because its lifespan is dependent on factors such as how well it was built, how well it is maintained, and the rate at which it is worn.

However, when a shoe is cleaned up and stored in one part of the house, it might not last more than three years

Should Shoes Be Stored in Boxes

There are no hard and fast rules to storing shoes.

Will you be storing a pair of shoes for over a month? If yes, you should keep them in a box.

Also, they should be covered in acid-free tissue paper before being stored.

Can I Store My Shoes in Plastic Boxes?

All things being equal, you can store shoes in plastic boxes.

However, before storing them, clean them properly.

Also, the plastic box must be free from humidity and should be dark.

How Can I Make my Sneakers Last for Many Years?

Making your sneakers last a long time if you wear them occasionally is not a difficult thing.

The first thing you must do is store them in their boxes.

Also, before storing them, ensure you clean them thoroughly. Shoe inserts will also help them stay properly maintained.

Preventing Cracks on Your Shoes

If you maintain your shoes properly, you will not have to deal with cracks on them.

Nonetheless, if they are not properly maintained, you might already be noticing some cracks in them.

The presence of cracks on your shoes does not mean they cannot be worn anymore.

This situation can be remedied.
To remedy issues of cracks on your shoe, make use of mink oil and saddle soap.

Also, you must avoid heat.

Additionally, ensure your shoe is stuffed with the right material when it is being stored.

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