how to store suitcases in a small apartment

How to Store Suitcases in a Small Apartment

Want to know how to store suitcases in a small apartment? You definitely need to see this.

People that travel very often apparently have no issues with their suitcases lying around as they always have a need for them.

However, the same cannot be said about people that do not travel so frequently.

People that do not travel so frequently have to put their suitcases far away from sight.

This might not be a challenge for people that live in big houses. 

On the other hand, people in small apartments might go through a bit of struggle when looking to store their suitcases.

Without giving it any thought, it might appear like storing suitcases in a small apartment is very easy.

The story, however, is different when you actually need to store some suitcases.

If you must store your suitcases properly in a small apartment, you will need to be very organized and creative.

You might struggle with storing your suitcases properly regardless of how smart you are.

We are aware of this.

How to Store Suitcases in a Small Apartment

So, we have put down ways to properly store suitcases in a small apartment.

Let’s walk through some of these ways.

You Can Store Your Luggage on a Shelf

This is a storage technique that lots of people are used to.

It is perhaps one of the most famous ways to store a suitcase in a small apartment.

To store your luggage this way, you will need a sturdy shelf.

If your shelf isn’t sturdy, it might be unable to hold your luggage for as long as you want and this could be a disaster.

You Can Store Your Smaller Suitcases in the Largest Suitcase

This seems quite obvious. Still, it is not something practiced by lots of people.

It appears it is simply head knowledge to lots of people.

When you put your other suitcase in the largest luggage, you will not really have to worry about your luggage occupying so much space.

All you need to do is create space for one luggage.

When looking to store your smaller luggage in the biggest one, you can take things a step further.

Feel free to store your other bags like your beach bags, weekend totes, and duffel bags in your smaller luggage before finally putting this luggage in the biggest briefcase in your house.

This method of storing luggage is great and very effective.

You can attest to this if it is something you have tried in the past.

Nonetheless, it comes with a downside.

You will have to put in a lot of effort each time you need to get any of the bags stored in the biggest luggage.

This is even worse when you are in a haste.

Going by this, you might want to make use of this luggage storage technique if you do not hit the road very often

Make Use of the Space Under Your Bed

You probably have never thought of this.

Nonetheless, one place you can store your suitcases without having to get too creative is beneath your bed.

This method of storing suitcases is great.

However, it only works for people with ample space under their beds.

So, if your bed is really not high, this alternative is obviously not for you.

When looking to store your briefcase under the bed, you might be worried about it getting it dirty.

Well, if you have this thought in mind, you can put your briefcase into a clean trash bag before putting it under the bed.

This way, you will be able to keep it clean for as long as you want.

Are you interested in keeping your luggage under your bed but you do not have a high enough bed? If yes, all hope is not lost, there are things you can do to help you elevate your bed.

One of them will require bed risers.

This is simple, bed risers can be gotten in the market.

Once you buy them, go on and place them under your bed to give it the lift it needs.

Your Luggage Can be Used in Storing Other Items in the House

This has some similarities to storing smaller luggage in the biggest luggage.

However, it is different.

In this technique of storing luggage in a small apartment, you can convert the parts of your apartment that would have been used in storing other items into storage ground for your luggage.

This technique is very simple.

You simply need to put items that you know your luggage can accommodate together and have all of them transferred into your luggage. This is very simple and straightforward.

Some items that can be stored in your luggage very easily are bathing suits, sandals, and shorts.

That’s not all. You can also store your old textbooks and unused gifts in your large luggage.

Convert Your Luggage to a Shoe Rack

This technique only comes in handy if you have the right amount of floor space in your wardrobe.

This method involves placing your suitcase in the exact same place you would put it if you were passing the night in a hotel.

Once properly positioned, you should open it.

With your suitcase open, you can arrange your shoes into it in an orderly manner.

If you intend to make use of this route, you might want to protect it from any dirt by covering its base with a towel.

Hang Your Luggage on the Wall

This is very straightforward and is ideal for people that have space on their walls.

To store your luggage this way, you will first need to install a hook or peg in the absence of any.

Once you have a peg or hook installed, feel free to hang your luggage.

This method can be used in storing as much luggage as you want so long you have space on your wall.

Store Your Luggage Behind a Curtain

Most visitors to your apartment will hardly notice the space behind your curtain.

So, if you do not have ample storage space in your apartment, instead of letting the space behind your curtain waste, you can convert it to a storage space for your luggage.

Store Your Luggage Behind Your Couch

This tip is very easy to understand.

When arranging your apartment, you can leave some space behind your couch which can be converted to a storage area for your luggage. 

How to Convert Your Luggage to a Storage Ground

The average person that lives in a small apartment gets worried about where to store their luggage because they do not have as much space as they would love to have.

While this might not seem like something that can be remedied easily, sometimes all you need to do is convert your luggage into a storage unit instead of worrying about how it can be stored.

Some items that can be stored in your luggage include;

Extra Bedding

Extra bedding will surely take up some space in a small apartment.

Now, instead of searching for where to store this biding, you can easily store it in your luggage.

When you do this, you will be creating a lot of space.

After storing your extra bedding in your luggage, you can proceed to store the luggage in the space you would have stored this bedding.

Store Seasonal Clothes in Your Briefcase

There are clothes that can be worn any time of the year.

In the same vein, some clothes can only be worn at a particular time of the year.

When you are not in the season when these clothes are needed, you will have to store them until it is time to wear them again.

This might take up a lot of space.

However, issues surrounding storing your seasonal clothes can be remedied by simply storing these clothes in your luggage.

What to Do with an Old Briefcase

The average person spends more time at a place as compared to moving around.

The implication of this is most people will not use their suitcases as much as they will use other items in their homes.

While this means their suitcases will not deteriorate so fast, it also means they might have to get a new suitcase the next time they will be traveling as their present luggage might be out of date.

So, when a suitcase has to be changed because it is out of date, must you dispose of it?

A good number of people will find it odd to dispose of a briefcase because it is out of date.

Well, if you are not ready to dispose of a briefcase, there is a lot you can do with it.

Below are some things you can convert your old luggage to.

Convert them to Chairs

When converting an old suitcase to a chair, you will need to add legs and foam.

Well, if you are comfortable sitting close to the floor, you can simply add some foam and not worry about adding legs.

Convert Your Old Luggage to Tables

 I guess you have never imagined this.

Nonetheless, it is not a difficult thing to do.

Old luggage can be converted to tables easily because of its shape and dimensions.

They are practical. All you really need to do is attach some legs to them.

Convert them to Pet Beds

Your suitcase might be so old that you have absolutely no need for it.

Nonetheless, your pets can’t recognize an old suitcase.

This means you can still use your suitcase for your pets.

Now, pets do not need a suitcase for traveling.

Nonetheless, you can convert your suitcase into a bed for your pets.

To get this done, you simply need to add some legs and foam to the suitcase and your pet will be comfortable in it.

Covert it to a Breakfast Tray

You can easily split an old wardrobe into two pieces and convert both pieces to trays for breakfast.

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