most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners

Most Expensive Houses In Nigeria And Their Owners

Want to have a list of the most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners? If yes, read on.

Nigeria is a country with many rich people.

Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa.

Nigerian politicians are allegedly the richest in the world.

Nigerian artists are also famous both at home and abroad.

A number of these celebrities like to flaunt their wealth.

They possess expensive cars, pieces of jewellery, and homes.

One thing about wealthy Nigerians, especially celebrities, is that they do not hide their possessions.

Many of them post their assets on social media for the world to see.

When you talk about houses, there are expensive estates in Nigeria.

 Some estates are exclusively for billionaires.

Cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt have the most expensive estates in Nigeria.

Many of the rich people in Nigeria own houses in these states

Most Expensive Houses In Nigeria And Their Owners

In this article, we shall talk about the most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners.

I know you would love to know about these expensive houses, so take a chill pill and follow us down.

Folorunso Alakija’s house

The name Folorunso Alakija is a popular name in Nigeria and even in Africa as a whole. 

You might be amazed that the name sounds feminine. 

Yes, it’s a woman. 

She is the richest woman in Africa. 

And also a woman of influence and a philanthropist. 

Her house is worth $700m. 

She owns the most expensive home in Africa and the fourth most costly residential apartment in the world.  

The house is located in Ikoyi Lagos state, the commercial hub of Nigeria.

The house is of a complex but exciting design. 

The German company Julius Berger constructed it. 

The house is bulletproof and does not have windows. 

The windows are replaced with light walls. 

Many believe the house is impenetrable by armed robbers. 

This house tops the list as the most expensive house in Nigeria.

most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners


When you hear Mike Adenuga, a GLO comes to mind. 

Mike Adenuga is very rich. 

He is amongst the richest businessmen in Nigeria. 

He owns a mansion in Banana Island that is worth over N8billion. 

If you doubt this, you should remember that Mike Adenuga is a billionaire in dollars, and he is one of the few Nigerian to appear on the Forbes list.

The guy is wealthy. 

One thing you should know is that Nigeria is blessed with rich people.

Mike Adenuga gets his wealth from multiple businesses.


Well, you should be surprised if the name Aliko Dangote is not on the list.

Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa and the richest black man in the world. 

He is a businessman and runs his business both in and outside Nigeria.

His mansion is located in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria. The house worth N5billion. 

The house has been his residence for over a decade. 

Only a few people in the world can afford such a house. 

The house is designed for convenience and several other functions. 

The house features well-furnished living rooms, a home office, and a conference room. 

He has hosted some of the most influential and successful people in his house. 

Bill Gates, former president Goodluck Jonathan and other big men.

Aliko dangote knows how to spend his money on the right things.

most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners


Senator Melaye is a politician that has been in the news for many controversies. 

He is a wealthy politician and likes to live an exotic life. 

He owns many exotic cars, and he lives in a N1.5billion mansion in Abuja.

He acquired the property some months after he became a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. 

The house is beautiful and has large sitting rooms and well-furnished living rooms. 

He has shot several videos of himself from the house, and you can notice the beauty of the interior part of the house

most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners


Bola Ahmed Tinubu, popularly known as ‘JAGABAN,’ is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest politicians. 

He is a former governor of Lagos state. 

And he has a significant influence when it comes to politics in Lagos state. 

Some people alleged that he is the wealthiest landlord in Lagos state. 

He lives at 26 Bordelon road, Ikoyilagos state. 

His house is worth N100b. 

According to people, he is a very generous man. He owns several other properties in Lagos state. 

It is alleged that the former Governor owns estates in Lagos state and another part of the country.


The senator is arguably the youngest senator in Nigeria. 

He is just 42 years old. 

He is a vibrant young man representing Rivers South-East senatorial zone in the national assembly. 

It is believed that he became a senator in his early 30s. 

He lives large and owns a costly mansion in Port Harcourt that is worth N100billion. 

It is rumoured that he spent about a N100m on the foundation alone.

most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners


Another woman on the list. 

Linda Ikeji is a blogger. 

She is the wealthiest and most popular blogger in Nigeria. 

She is a single lady and a billionaire. 

She lives in her N600m mansion, which she acquired in 2016. 

Her house is custom made. 

The mansion is a two-story building containing a media room, six bedrooms, a cinema, and other attachments. 

She knows how to put her money to fair use. 

She has been accused of making her money from sleeping with rich men.

She has denied such allegations stating that she worked hard for her money, she has not received money from any man.


Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, is a multibillionaire, businessman, and philanthropist. 

He owns a record label and a junior brother to the popular Nigerian artist Kcee. 

This guy spends lavishly and lives like a king. 

He lives in a N250million naira mansion in Lagos Island. 

The house features large sitting rooms: golden chairs and royal dining.

The house is designed to have a royal look with gold and white paints. 

E-Money moves in a convoy of armed police officers, and he is known for spraying cash on occasions, including hard currencies. 

He is among the youngest billionaires in Nigeria presently.

most expensive houses in Nigeria and their owners


Camp Neya is the country of the former state governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji UzoKalu. 

Orji Uzokalu is a billionaire and a businessman. 

He lives in a very massive mansion. 

He completed the house in the year 1998 before he became the Governor of Abia state. 

The mansion is said to contain 36 suites that can house the governors of the nation. 

We do not know if the former Governor plans to host 36 states governor someday. 

The house is said to worth several billions of naira.


There you have seen the most expensive houses in Nigeria.

It should not amaze you that most of the names found on that list are celebrities, politicians, and businessmen. 

There are people from other sectors that own expensive mansions too.

But most of them would not like to make their wealth known to the public.

Expensive mansions can be found in some estates in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.



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